What does the R.E.A.L. Awards mean?  Real Estate Achievement and Leadership Awards!

Why the R.E.A.L. Awards?  PSAR’s mission is to empower Realtors. We honor top producing agents and give them a platform to be recognized for their hard work and dedication by their sphere, peers and the public at large. The R.E.A.L. Awards recognize agents and brokers who have achieved excellence through production and industry leadership.

Qualify for the PSAR REAL Awards

If I did not receive an invitation to receive an award, when must I apply by?  Applications to submit previously unidentified production, to apply for a team award, to submit new applications or to appeal for changes in your award are due  Friday, February 12th by midnight.  No exceptions. 


Who may receive an award?

PSAR members are automatically provided with recognition based on MLS data. Agents from other Associations may apply.  There is no fee to apply. To receive recognition, an agent must meet the units or sales volume requirements determined by San Diego County home sales closed in 2019. The agent must also be a member in good standing with the National Association of Realtors.

  • Awards are based on either sales volume dollars or units sold, including listings or sales units entered into the MLS, and closed in 2019. This is not a perfect system.  
  • If an agent has a team backing them up, we don’t know about it from the data.  The lead agent is recognized but is welcomed to bring the team members to receive the award.  There is also a process to receive an award as a team, in lieu of an individual award, should the agent whose name appears on the transactions chooses.* see Teams below
  • The award percentage ranking is based on the higher of the two percentages.  
  • Production credit was given only to the primary agent as entered into the MLS.  
  • Percentage rankings include all agents who belong to associations located in San Diego County and production from agents who belong to organizations outside of San Diego County, but list inside the County. These calculations included some agents and brokers with no productivity.

What are the awards that will be granted and what was used to qualify?

1% = More than  31 Sides or more than $26,130,000 in volume
3% = More than  19 Sides or $13,667,755 in volume
5% = More than  14 Sides or $9,920,000 in volume
10% = More than  9 Sides or $6,134,179  in volume

What if I believe that I qualify and should have been offered an award, or my sales were miscalculated?   

We certainly did not leave you out on purpose or intentionally under-recognize your efforts.  This event was designed to recognize achievement and leadership. We are very sorry if you were excluded and feel that you were inappropriately left out.  Computer systems, membership databases, and MLS systems and their users are all imperfect. Here are some of the reasons that may explain data errors.

  • Multiple MLS numbers during 2020
  • Transactions under multiple brokers that didn’t transfer over in a clean fashion.
  • Transactions under multiple associations that were entered through another MLS or another association or both.
  • Off MLS listings, for example, new home sales.
  • Teams can be many agents who list separately.  We don’t have a clean process to track this.*
  • The listing agent did not put your name in correctly, as the sales agent. If this is the case, please show proof and bring this to PSAR's attention in the appeals process, and we will correct it.
  • There are probably many other reasons that we aren’t aware of.
  • If you should have been recognized, but were missed, or we under-rated your performance, simply fill out this form to apply for an award and submit proof of closed sales units and volume. Details including MLS listing numbers must be included.  
  • Co-Listing/Selling agents and first listing/selling agents who have a co-agents will each receive half the credit for each listing.


Teams and Applying for a Team Award

What if I work with other agents on a team?  What if we produce more collectively than we are being recognized for?  How can we be acknowledged?

  • To be a team, agents must comply with DRE rules that outline the requirements for Teams.  These can be read on this FAQ provided by CAR.  Team names that are not in compliance, unfortunately, may not be treated as a team.
  • Independent sales agents on a team can apply together for a to 1%, 3% 5% or 10% award and receive it as a team. You can not receive both an individual and a team award.
  • Apply here to apply for a Team Award by adding production and bumping the percentile by including production from other Team Members or to change your individual contribution award to a Team award in the same percentile.



In 2022 we expect to return with a massive event.  Due to the pandemic, an awards ceremony will not be held.  

Award Winners will be recognized in a full page spread in the Union Tribune.  Last years spread can be found here.

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