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Awards Criteria

Eligibility for Real Estate Achievement and Leadership Awards


Eligibility for the Real Estate Achievement and Leadership awards is based on 2023 sales closed by agents who belong to a San Diego County REALTOR® Association. PSAR members are automatically considered using CRMLS data. Agents from other associations may become eligible by joining PSAR as a Secondary REALTORS® member. No additional fees are required. If you are a PSAR member, believe you meet the criteria, and did not receive an email, please contact

Award Criteria                                                                                               

Awards are based on the higher number of sales volume or units sold, recorded in the MLS in 2023. For listings in other MLS systems that share data with CRMLS, if any sales are missing, agents must submit proof of these transactions. Proof may also be required. Examples of proof could be a gross commission report or a MLS report.

Important Notes:

  • Only the lead agent is recognized for the award. Co-agents' sales are not included.  

  • A lead agent may have a team recognized instead. For team awards, the entire team is recognized instead of an individual. Teams receive the award collectively. See the subheading below entitled Teams and Applying for Team Awards.

  • Production credit is given only to the primary agent as shown in the CRMLS.

  • All agents who belong to associations in San Diego County are included in the percentage ranking calculation.

2024 REAL Awards Criteria (Based on 2023 Production)

  • Top 1%: 20 Sides or at least $23,041,000 in volume
  • Top 3%: 13 Sides or at least $14,342,000 in volume
  • Top 5%: 10 Sides or at least $10,845,000 in volume
  • Top 10%: 7 Sides or at least $6,741,500 in volume

How to find any agents production

Teams and Applying for Team Awards

Team awards are granted in the same categories as individual awards. The award will only be named for the team and all team members will be recognized collectively as a group. For information on team eligibility and to apply for a team award, please click here.  Please understand the legal definition of a team before applying. Learn about that from the CAR here.  

Errors and Discrepancies

If you believe there is an error in the production data, please submit your corrected production numbers here for re-evaluation. While the committee strived for accuracy, data collection is not always perfect.